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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 28, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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joined new jersey, massachusetts and three in our neck of the woods. we have more on the suspects from nearby arlington, virginia. >> unclear how successful the alleged agents have been in this country, but intercepted messages reveal they were instructed to learn about a wide array of subjects. among them nuclear weapons,
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u.s. positions on arms control, iran, leadership turnover at the cia. at this upscale arlington apartment complex on south joyce street, neighbors were stunned that the young couple in number 904, parents of a toddler and a baby were arrested by the fbi. >> surprised to hear that we were arresting russians, but it was, yeah, not what you expect to find out about your neighbor. >> reporter: in fact, residents say michael zatolli and patricia mills were friendly and social. >> i was surprised. >> reporter: veronica and her boyfriend shocked, too, when they awoke to the sounds of the fbi raiding the north quinn street apartment directly above them. its resident, mckyle samanko among those in custody. >> of course, it's surprising. it's north arlington, a quiet place to live. you don't expect russian spies to be living above. >> reporter: as recently as saturday, an fbi undercover agent posing as an agent for
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the russian government met suspect kyle samanko at this intersection. their conversation was secretly recorded. it was one of many intercepted communications that outlined what the ten were allegedly carrying out, long-term deep- cover assignments. eight of them were living as couples. >> well, they should have been arrested. this is america. they should not be getting information to send back to their country to do harm to us. i'm sorry. >> reporter: the agents met with undercover fbi agents in a downtown dc parking lot and a nearby park. all 10 are charged with conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government. the arrests come a week after president obama went out for hamburgers in arlington with russia's president, part of an ongoing effort to enhance u.s./russia relations. the two young children arrest
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radar now in custody of child protection services. >> what were they doing to communicate with their handlers? >> do you remember the dead drops of the past and the marked envelopes and marks on a mailbox? in this case, defendants allegedly transmitted data through temporary wireless networks that would allow covert communications between two paired laptop computers. >> i should have figureds the something sexier than dead drop zones. >> very high tech. appreciate that. metro riders, call it ironic. the day after a fair hike, and riders suffered through a chaotic commute. it all stemmed from an incident that was not metro's fault, but transit riders do blame the metro for its bad reaction. >> it was a few i can't sayco. >> it's ridiculous. >> harsh words for metro as hundreds find themselves nowhere near their desired destination, waiting for buses and dialing up rides at medical center station. >> it was another metro crash, i suppose. >> i don't want to ever ride it
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again. the first day of fare increase, and this is what you pay for. >> they're increasing the fare today, and this is what you get. >> they have to pay the taxpayer, and this is what you get. >> when they say "this," they're talking about how metro handled an incident. a man jumped on the tracks just after halting a train 50 feet away and stalling dozens more on the red line. >> the electricity was turned off, all the air. >> brought it back and said it was out of service. >> they told us to get off the train. no one told us to come above ground. then the escalators stopped. >> and there were quite a few elderly people, out of shape people trying to get up the escalators. >> one kid ran up the down escalators so he could get out of there, because it's stifle link down there. >> the number-one issue is the lack of communication. >> all they said was it was an injury. who knows? there's nobody here. i work in disaster recovery management. i'm like what is the emergency plan here? you should have people out here communicating to the public. >> reporter: 9 news now intrude
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one witness off camera. he also says there was no communication on the scene when a citizen doctor offered to help the victim as the victim lay shaking on the tracks. >> i said, "listen, guys. i know you have protocol, but we have a doctor on the scene. they can provide assistance." they did not respond to us at all. >> the victim died from his injuries. that same witness says, until today, he was very confident with metro service, but now he wonders if that doctor might have been able to save the victim had she been allowed on the rail. now, metro officials tell 9 news now they have a strict policy, no person is allowed on the tracks without specialized training because of the third rail. >> can't catch a break at metro. thank you, brittany. new at 11, a woman is recovering after an umbrella impaled her leg. this happened at street beach in ocean city this afternoon. officials say the high winds are to blame for the freak accident. emergency crews had to actually saw off part of the umbrella before they can take her to the hospital. no word yet on the victim's
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condition. tonight police in fairfax county are looking for a killer after what they thought was a deadly accident turned out to be a homicide investigation. police found the body of 19- year-old vanessa sam inside her mother's car sunday afternoon. >> she's a good girl. she's talented. i don't know. >> the medical examiners ruled that she died of trauma to the upper body. we're still trying to figure out what the incident was and exactly how she was killed. >> fairfax county detectives are reconstructing the last 24 hours of the young woman's life in an effort to find the killer. if you've got any information, please call the police. confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee elaina caringen are officially underway, and today she told a senate panel she will listen to each case with an open mind to,
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quote, "render impartial justice." depending on who's talking about her, caringen either has a brilliant legal record or a slim legal amount of experience. with no time on the bench, republican senators questioned her qualifications for the job, but democrats saw that as a plus. >> a surprising number of things in her relatively thin body of work raise concerns. >> the biggest criticism i've seen out there is you've never been a judge. frankly, i find this refreshing. >> caringen will likely have to defend a controversial decision she made while dean of harvard law school. she banned military recruiters from the campus saying the don't ask don't tell policy violated the university's non- discrimination rules. barring any major gaffes, however, democrats do have enough votes to get her confirmed. from capitol hill to the little town of sofia west virginia, flags flying at half staff tonight in honor of
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senator robert byrd. folks all across west virginia are mourning the senator's passing today at the age of 92. >> huh-uh this is a sad day for west virginia. >> he will be greatly missed, i think, in this state. >> we can honor him by doing our best. as he always expected us to do. >> it is up to west virginia's governor, joe manchin to appoint a replacement for senator byrd. the doctor credited with saving president ronald reagan after the assassination attempt back in 1981 is retiring this week from the george washington university hospital. he went on to treat thousands of patients and, of course, save many more lives, but he is certainly remembered by most people for just the one day in history. with. >> no one knew the president was shot. he had pain in his chest, but
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he didn't know he was shot either. he thought he had a pulled muscle. jerry par noticed he had a little blood on his lips. that decision made the day. he was five to ten minutes from ready to crash. >> g. o'donnell went on to become the chairman of surgery at the hospital. the results are in, and there is paranormal activity here at the railroad museum in brunswick, maryland. i'm lindsey mathis and will show you what investigators found. and i'm meteorologist tom rushert. taking you out to your weekend weather. improving. a few residual clouds, temperatures 74 to 82. coming back to talk about the prospects of another thunderstorm overnight and the latest on what is still
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the car crossed the center lane and hit another vehicle head on. official reports say the car may have hydro portland on the slick streets. friends say he was not wearing a seat belt. 9 news spoke with the victim's mother, but she did not want to be shown on camera. >> he loved cars. cars was his passion, his absolute passion. there isn't anything to do with my son that didn't have cars attached to. >> it he suffered severe head trauma in the crash. his family decided to take him off of life support. none of the other injuries considered life threatening. a fire forced a string of businesses to close their doors tonight. this fire started this morning inside the top 10 video store in the brooksfield plaza on back lake road. the building houses six businesses in all. the ones that suffered smoke damage are not just down indefinitely. the cause of the fire still under investigation. meantime, spontaneous combustion, that's when something suddenly bursts into flame, no matches required. happens in science fiction.
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it even happened in south park, and, yeah, it can happen in a place like frederick, maryland. rose mary's deck caught fire today. residents think it all started with a plant holder, specifically the straw-like material in the plant holder. temperatures in the 90s, and that apparently was enough to create a spark. >> with the excessive heat, it's believed that the straw- type of material heated up enough that it ignited. >> no one was home, but a neighbor spotted the flames and called 911. crews put out the fire before it could damage the inside of that townhome. concern tonight over the disaster in the gulf as the first big storm of the season gained strength. right now, tropical storm alex is steaming across the gulf of mexico. bp says that alex is far enough away that the company will not have to abandon its efforts to capture crude still spewing out of the well. the storm is set to hit near the mexico, texas border, but officials say strong winds and waves could also push oil farther inland along the gulf
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coast, and that would mean even more bad news for places like florida, where the shores are already covered in sludge. >> it's a devastating catastrophic event. i think everybody agrees with that. we need to get the thing stopped, get it mruthd. we need to stop offshore oil drilling in florida. i would like to have a special session to ban it in the state. we're so dependent on tourism for our economy; it's very important to keep it clean. >> while bp is hoping to install a new oil capturing system next week that would allow engineers to disconnect the equipment quickly if a hurricane threatens and hook it up quickly after the storm goes by. in a few minutes, we'll be around with a look at where tropical storm alex is coming up in his forecast. taking a look at news from across the nation, in new york, six children died in a massive house fire over the weekend. three people managed to escape from the home. two firefighters were hurt trying to put out the flames. the cause, still under investigation.
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in milwaukee, a baby boy is back with his family tonight after a man accidentally drove off with him. police say the driver was intoxicated, jumped into the wrong car, and the baby happened to be in the back seat they say the child's parents ran into a store and left the car running. officers caught the man and arrested him, and the baby was fine. in alabama, a car slammed into a gas pump. you can see there, it flashed quite a fire. police say the truck rear-ended the vehicle, sending it into the gas station. you can see the driver jump and run off just as the pump burst into flames. luckily, they say nobody was seriously hurt. well, earlier today we sent lindsey mathis to a museum in brunswick, maryland, because we heard it might be haunted. paranormal investigators took a look and revealed their findings tonight. and, yeah, there is something very strange going on at the railroad museum. >> this is the sound of a
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ghost. that's according to darrell kel we are the mason-dixon paranormal society. >> there's 14 unexplained evps here. >> that stands for electronic voice phenomenon, how investigators hear ghosts. >> it sounds like it says, "have a nice day." >> he investigated the brunswick road museum after some people reported hearing voices, footsteps and seeing a ghost in a white dress. >> would that by chance be a wedding gown? >> reporter: keller says most of the voices came from the second floor, where historic items are on display. >> there's one thing called object attachment, where an entity can attach itself to an object. >> reporter: rebecca o'leary listened closely. >> smith. >> that makes sense, because nerving this case here belonged to dr. j.g.s. smith a physician here in brunswick. >> an elevator opened on its own six times here on the
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second floor, but he says it's probably not paranormal. keller says he tries to find reasonable explanations, but the only thing he can't explain are the voices. >> did you used to work in here? >> reporter: o'leary is excited, not scared. >> they haven't bothered me so far. if we continue that relationship in the future, i will probably be a happy curator. >> reporter: in brunswick, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> investigators were unable to make out the voices they heard. they said because of the museum's history, they said it's possible that some of the ghosts are speaking foreign languages. of course, because ghosts are real. on letterman, here's a sneak peek. >> you know what's going on in toronto. they're having the g-20 summit. the protesters smashed windows, overturned cars. they just found out the lakers won. >> i'm still stuck on the whole
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ghost thing, but kristen stewart will be on with musical guest tokyo feliz club. we have new information on alex. >> uh-oh. >> gaining strength a little bit. still a tropical storm. >> getting influence on the track. >> actually funny. i like that word. the track has shifted north. >> you're going to like the next three days. temps around 90, maybe residual clouds in the morning. then love wednesday, and thursday nice, temperatures again in the low 80s. it's going to feel great. here's your breakdown for tomorrow. a few clouds in the morning, 77, 85 by lunchtime, and 90 by evening. hot, but less humid, and it is an improvement over on 97 today. all right. we'll talk about some thunderstorm damage. this is sent to us by jay in 30 toe mack, maryland, on gainesville road. this is a good size tree, shutting down the road for quite some time, and minor power outages. the power is back on. thank you, jay.
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a very dependable weather watcher there. >> overnight, partly to mostly cloudy, muggy a shower or thunderstorm possible. low temperatures in the 70s, and winds will eventually become northwesterly at 10. tomorrow morning, becoming partly cloudy and warm, 70s and 80s, winds northwest at 10. air quality code yellow. that is moderate. good air quality for this time of year. by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy and hot, but less hume. that is the key. highs around 90, and winds even increase is a little bit northwesterly at about 10 to 15. we'll talk about high temps tomorrow. everybody will make 90. if you make 90 tomorrow at national, might as well, it will be the day this month we've hit 90 or higher. a new record. 90 in rockville, 91 in college park, 90 in buoy. plenty of 90s to the south and west, and reston also 90. here's the latest image now of alex. it is now a little better organized in the southern gulf of mexico. and again, still a tropical storm, but look at the milds.
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we showed you this earlier tonight. remember we only had one outlier that went up into houston, everything else went south to new mexico. look at the models moving much further north in between brownsville and corpus christi. looks like it will appear to strike near brownsville as a category one late wednesday night or early thursday morning as it moves a little thick to the northern track. this is something we'll watch carefully. i don't think it will act the cleanup in the gulf, but still a little troubling to see it go so far north. these are warnings down to the bay, and hurricane warnings south of back in bay. 90 tomorrow, cooler on wednesday, thursday, beautiful low 80s, very nice on friday, saturday, a little hotter over the week. temperatures go back up to around 90 on the. we have a little puzzle piece there, the 0k and the 30 toe mack in the morning. greg will be there. i'll be there. 92 on monday, maybe a thunderstorm. thank you, sir. we may not believe in
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ghosts, but you need a says on to bring back the offense. >> and steven strass berg is thinking the same thing. every time he pitches, they give him no support. the kid is human after all. he wasn't bad tonight; just mortal. combine that with zero run support; this is what you get. รณ! @
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the other shoe has officially dropped on steven strass berg. that's what happens when you're the number one pick and you play with an imperfect team. he didn't know it would be in his last three starts combined. he made his fifth big league start against the braves tonight. for the first 6 innings he was cruising. just 4 hits allowed, 7 strikeouts, including 5 straight. at one point he pitched out of
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trouble a couple of times, but never surrendered a run. game was scoreless heading to the. that is when the wheels came off the old wagon. he put two men on to start the. still had a chance to get out with a double play ball from troy gloff. but he and desmond boots it. bases loaded, nobody out. all of the runners would score. that's 2 batters later. escobar with the rbi single, knocking strass berg out of the game. he went 6 and a 3rd, allowed 4 runs, 3 earned and takes his 2nd big league loss. . >> i understand i'm not going to have lights out stuff every time out. you know, i'm human. but i was really. >> i want to go out there and battle. the kid has been a little less immortal lately. in his first two starts, he allowed 6 hits and struck out 22. in his last starts, he's allowed 15 hits and struck out
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16. of course, if he got any kind of support, none of that would be a big deal. quick tennis quiz. roger federer has 16 grand slam titles. how many does andy roddick have? the answer may surprise you is one. it happened seven years ago, and the drought continues. roddick seated fifth at this year's wimbledon, the runner-up this year was dismissed by 82nd ranked yang sam lu of taiwan 9- 7 in the set. he has not won a slam since '03. federer, murray all win today. world cup soccer, brazil in their round of 16 maps against chile. brazil's five world cup titles are the most ever. they are three wins away from number 6. this is rabino going to the right side. brazil romping 3-anymore. they advance to the quarter finals. everybody is wondering how john wall and gilbert arenas are going to play together. the answer is maybe they won't. cbs sports reporting tonight that the orlando magic are
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interested in a trade for arenas, but that the major stumbling block, but that dwight howard isn't sure how agent zero would fit in on the team. otis smith has a good relationship with him. the wizards would love to dump gilbert's contract. redskins quarterback byron westbrook has been acquitted of dui charges from back in february. the charles county district court said there was not sufficient evidence against the 25-year-old dematha graduate. finally tonight i'm for nostalgia and paying tribute to the past, but the pirates and a's set fashion back several centuries when they wore their 1970s throw backs over the weekend . how about the as with the yellow and green trim and pittsburgh in the black -- all of it in majestic polyester, which feels good in the 0-degree heat. i would have filed a grievance through the players' union not to have to wear those. >> but remember the football uniforms? they did the same kind of thing, and those were almost
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worse. >> some teams can go to their throwbacks because they're cool and would sell. who would buy that in their right mind. >> '70s fashion should come back. >> we've got to go. back in just a minute. >> help our wounded soldiers and their families. kids, camping's a skill.
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